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West Palm Beach Service

All Eye Care Services, All High Quality

In West Palm Beach, FL

We provide expert eye care for your entire family at Premier Eye Center, located in Southern Florida. With professional skill and a caring manner, our optometrists will examine your eyes and vision, treat eye emergencies and irritation, help manage eye disease and fit you with the vision correction that you need. Dr. Steve Bussa and Dr. Alexandra Kehoe place top priority on ensuring that your vision is as sharp and healthy as can be!

We are highly experienced and qualified to evaluate your eyes and diagnose a range of ocular conditions. If you suffer from eye irritation, we’ll be pleased to help determine the ideal solutions and strategies to alleviate your discomfort. Dr. Bussa and Dr. Kehoe will assess your eyesight and visual needs, giving you the time and attention you deserve for your eye care. We are pros at determining accurate prescriptions and fitting contact lenses, even for hard-to-fit patients.

Furnished with the latest technology and a modern, comfortable atmosphere, our West Palm Beach, FL, office is open 6 days a week, with convenient hours to suit your busy schedule. Our clinic has easy access and plenty of parking; please call to book your appointment, or stop in to browse our incredible collection of eyewear.

We serve all of your Eye Care needs with top-notch service:

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Everyone, regardless of physical condition or age, is recommended to have a comprehensive eye evaluation performed regularly by a qualified eye doctor. In our West Palm Beach office, we will assess your visual quality and the health of your eyes. With attention given towards each patient’s unique health conditions, family history or special circumstances, we will inspect for any signs of disease.

Ocular Disease Management

Were you diagnosed with cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy or another ocular disease? We are experienced in caring for these conditions and we’ll help manage your eye health to prevent vision loss in the future.

Pediatric Eye Exams

Vision conditions in children must be detected early in order to prevent any future learning delays or problems. Dr. Bussa and Dr. Kehoe will treat your kids gently and with a warm approach, ensuring that they have a positive experience.

Therapy and Treatment for Pediatric Vision-Related Learning Problems