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West Palm Beach Eyewear

Great Vision and Fantastic Eyewear

in West Palm Beach, Florida

At Premier Eye Center, we are dedicated to caring for your eye health and visual acuity. Our optometrists, Dr. Steve T. Bussa and Dr. Alexandra Kehoe, believe strongly in the power and value of exceptional eyesight. Sharp vision contributes greatly to your quality of life, and we strive to customize our care to meet the needs of each individual patient. You are invited to visit our convenient West Palm Beach, FL, office, where our optometrists combine their professional qualifications and experience with a friendly, personal touch.

Whether you are having trouble seeing or have no complaints at all, everyone is recommended to have a comprehensive eye examination performed regularly. With advanced technology and skill, our optometrists will be pleased to evaluate your eyes and vision. No matter what you need to achieve clear eyesight, we’ll provide it with a smile in our West Palm Beach, FL, office.

If you are suffering from symptoms of eye irritation, there are a wide variety of possible causes. Dry Eye Syndrome is a common culprit, as well as the contemporary problem of Computer Vision Syndrome. Eye infections may also be to blame for pink, red or sore eyes. We treat a wide variety of vision complaints and eye emergencies. After examining your eyes, we’ll work together with you to find the best solutions to relieve your discomfort. There’s no reason to suffer! Please call our West Palm Beach clinic for a consultation with Dr. Bussa or Dr. Kehoe.

When it comes to management for eye disease, we specialize in helping patients with diabetes, and we offer advanced medical care for glaucoma and many retinal problems. It is our goal to promote the long-term health of your eyes and prevent future vision loss.

If you’re searching for a new pair of fashionable eyeglasses or contact lenses, our office is fully equipped with an amazing array of all the latest designer frames and premium lenses! We line our shelves with stylish brands such as Tom Ford, Gucci, Ray Ban and Tiffany. And because we know how busy you are, most eyeglass prescriptions are filled within an hour in our West Palm Beach, FL, store.

Open six days a week with convenient hours and easy parking, Dr. Bussa and Dr. Kehoe welcome you and your family to Premier Eye Center! Please contact us for an appointment.