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How to Choose Glasses

How to Choose Eyeglass Frames

Choose Glasses Shapes like a profressional optician in Plantation FL

Glasses are the hottest accessory. Choose them right and enhance your best features. At the 3 locations of Premier Eye Center in Florida – Plantation, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach – our opticians work with you to choose a flattering style that is supported by your prescription after your eye exam.

Prescription glasses don’t have to be all about vision correction, though. From a fashion perspective, our eyewear stylists begin by looking at the client’s facial shape and go from there. Eye color, hair color, skin complexion, and the patient’s personal style and even their mood can impact the final decision. Let’s get started:

Determining the shape of your face:

There are 7 basic face shapes, each flattered by a set of frame styles. The seven face shapes are:

  • diamond
  • heart
  • oblong
  • triangle
  • round
  • square
  • oval

Determining what shape your own face is can be tricky but one way to figure it out is to look in a mirror and outline your reflection using lipstick (which is easily removed with window cleaner). Here’s a video that explains how to identify your facial shape:

Choosing a flattering frame shape based on facial features:

Diamond. If your face is narrow at the top and at the bottom, you probably have a diamond shaped face, and you want to draw your attention to your strongest features: your eyes. Highly decorative frames and cat eye styles would suit you best.

cat eye glasses

Heart. Faces that are wider at the cheekbones and forehead but narrower at the chin are considered heart-shaped. Frame styles that are smaller, more simple or with temples that are set lower offer balance to the face. Aviator, rectangular, and square eyeglasses frames will all look great on a heart shaped face.

eyeglasses with rectangle plastic frames

Oblong. A face that is longer than it is wide with a strong square chin is oblong. Ideal frames will be a little wider to counterbalance the length of the face. Try on square, rectangular or round frames with details on the temples.

Details on the temples of eyewear

Triangle. A narrow chin with a wide forehead would be considered a triangle shaped face. Counterbalance the shape with eyeglasses by choosing frames that include design details and color at the top. Both cat-eye and semi-rimless frames look great.

funky cat eye frames

Round. Faces that have soft chins and soft foreheads with no angles are round. Eyewear frames with angles add definition to the face and work best with a round face. Go for bold colors and defined square or rectangular shaped frames.

bold rectangular eyewear with metal frames

Square. With the strong jaw line and wide forehead that define a square face, you want to choose a frame that softens the angles and accentuates your proportionate features. Round, oval, and slightly curved frames are ideal, as well as narrow frames all work well with square faces.

Round glasses are back, with a twist

Oval. One of the most versatile face shapes is oval, since they are symmetrical and longer than they are wide. Almost any frame works on oval faces.

metal frames with jewels on the sides of cool glasses

To try on glasses and see which one works best for you in person, visit Premier Eye Center in Florida where our opticians in Plantation, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach can help you choose the perfect eyewear.