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Premier Eye Center

What Is 20/20 Vision?

  • Misconception: 20/20 vision means you have perfect vision
  • Ability to see approx. 1cm letter at a distance of 20ft
  • Visual acuity does not take into eye tracking, eye teaming, and eye focusing
  • 20% of people thought to have “perfect vision” may actually be struggling with an undiagnosed visual problem
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Vision Therapy Video Library

Dr. Christina Murray answers your frequently asked questions about Vision Therapy.


Dr. Christina Murray, O.D.

Dr. Murray is originally from Columbus, Ohio, and is a proud graduate of The Ohio State University. She happily escaped the cold Ohio winters to attend optometry school at Nova Southeastern University. While in school, she discovered her passion for pediatrics and vision therapy. She completed externships specializing in pediatrics, ocular diseases,...
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eye-lashes2 eye-lashes Eye Movement

  • Ability to move both eyes together to point at an intended target or follow along a path
  • Reading a line of text
  • Common problems may cause:
  • Frequently loses of place
  • Skips lines when reading
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Short attention span
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eye-lashes2 eye-lashes Eye Teaming

  • Requires both eyes to work together in a precise and coordinated way.
  • Good eye teaming allows sustained, single, and comfortable vision
  • Basis for depth perception.
  • Common problems may include:
  • Inability to read for more than a short time
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Double vision
  • Avoidance of near work
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eye-lashes2 eye-lashes Eye Focusing

  • Eye focusing is an adjustment is made every time we look from one place to another.
  • Most people are not aware that are our eyes are constantly refocusing because the system typically operates so well that objects always appear in focus.
  • A focusing problem occurs when an individual is unable to quickly and accurately relax or contract the focusing muscle, or if this muscle contraction cannot be maintained for adequate periods of time during near tasks.
  • Common problem may cause:
  • Difficulty maintaining clear vision
  • Difficulty shifting focus from one distance to another
  • Avoidance of reading and writing

What Is Vision Therapy?

  • Vision therapy is a series of activities and exercises that develops your visual system
  • Vision therapy trains our visual system and our brain to work seamlessly together
  • Vision therapy improves visual functioning
  • Vision therapy is often related to learning how to ride a bike.
  • Learning process is mentally demanding and physically exhausting.
  • It feels awkward trying to coordinate arms, legs, handlebars, and pedals while staying balanced!
  • However, over time with practice, riding a bike becomes natural.
  • Once you've learned, you'll always know how to ride a bike
  • Automating the reflexes of the eye movement, focusing, and eye teaming, so that it becomes natural and automatic
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What We Offer At Premier?

  • We pride ourselves on tailor-fitting each vision therapy plan to match each patient’s specific needs as determined by their vision therapy evaluation.
  • Typical vision therapy plans consist of one or two office visits per week that last 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Studies have shown it takes a minimum of 12 hours to successfully treat the most common eye teaming problem, and an additional 8 hours if there is an eye focusing problem and an additional 12 hours if one eye is “lazy”.
  • If there are multiple coinciding problems, it can take several months to a sometimes over a year to complete an in-office vision therapy program.
  • In the end, the results are spectacular, but the time driving back and forth from the office and money investment working one on one with the doctor and therapist can become quite costly.
  • To that end, we also offer a home-based vision therapy program with prescribed vision exercises and activities.