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Eye Exams for Contacts

All About Comprehensive Eye Exams for Prescription Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are popular for a number of reasons, ranging from comfort and convenience to crisper vision. When it comes to appearance, many people feel more attractive and confident facing the world without eyeglasses in the way. Additionally, there’s no need to turn your head for sharp peripheral vision with contacts. Sports players find this to be a distinct advantage! Another benefit is contact lenses never slip down your nose on a hot day. So, now that you’re convinced and want to wear prescription contact lenses, you may be wondering where can I get quality contact lenses near me?

In addition to our user-friendly site to order contacts online, we stock a full inventory of premium contact lenses in our optometry offices in Plantation, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach, Florida. If you have a current vision prescription, we invite you to replenish your supply of contacts from Premier Eye Center! However, if you’ve never worn contacts or you haven’t had a comprehensive eye exam in over a year – we encourage you to visit your eye doctor for a thorough evaluation before purchasing new lenses.

What happens during a comprehensive eye exam for contact lenses?

When you visit our eye care clinics for an eye exam for contacts, we will assess much more than your visual acuity. Your eye examination will evaluate overall ocular health to rule out or diagnose any conditions that could interfere with wearing lenses. We will also verify that you receive the correct lens powers for optimal vision. Be aware that your vision prescription for eyeglasses is not always the same for contact lenses.

Once we determine your precise vision prescription and decide that you’re a good candidate for wearing contacts, we will measure your eyes for contact lenses.

What measurements are taken for a contact lens fitting?

Just as people come in different sizes, so do eyes! Your optometrist will need to take detailed measurements of your eyes to fit you with the best contact lenses. Wearing contacts that don’t fit well can lead to blurred vision, pain, and damage to your eyes.

Using a keratometer, our eye doctor will measure your corneal curvature (the front surface of your eye) to ensure that your lens sits smoothly on your eye. If you have astigmatism, your cornea is not perfectly rounded, and you will require a specialty toric lens. In the event that you have a very irregular corneal curvature, we may use corneal topography to map the surface precisely.

Other measurements that we may calculate to fit your contact lenses include the size of your pupil or iris. We will use a slit lamp (biomicroscope) or measure manually with a card or ruler. These numbers are particularly significant for wearing rigid gas permeable (GP) contact lenses.

Can I wear contact lenses with dry eyes?

Yes, you generally can – as long as you wear the right type of contact lenses! Due to the development of new, modern materials, there is a variety of contact lens types for dry eyes.

Dry eyes are a common, contemporary problem that can affect comfortable contact lens wear. If your lenses are not kept moist enough by your natural tear film, they can lead to eye irritation, dryness, and itchy eyes. During your comprehensive eye exam for contact lenses, your eye doctor will administer a tear film evaluation. If you do not have enough tears or their composition is poor, we will recommend certain contacts for dry eyes, which maintain moisture more efficiently.

What’s better – daily disposable lenses or monthly lenses?

Your lifestyle and personal preferences are an important consideration when we recommend the most appropriate type of lenses for you. Tell us your hobbies, activities, daily routine and health considerations – we want to know all about you!

We’ll weigh all of this information to decide whether you’ll do best with soft contact lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, daily lenses or monthly. If you have a particular eye condition, such as dry eye syndrome or astigmatism, we will prescribe the most appropriate type and brand of contacts to provide ultimate comfort and sharp vision. Patients over 40 who have trouble reading small print will be pleased to know that we also offer multifocal contact lenses in our offices in Plantation, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach, FL.

Don’t Forget Follow-up Eye Exams

It is critical to return regularly for comprehensive eye exams with our eye doctor to assess the fit and condition of your contacts, as well as your ocular health. If you experience any discomfort or dry eyes with contacts, visit immediately for a check-up. Your eye doctor may recommend a change in the type of contact lens and/or your wearing schedule, or a change in the type of disinfecting solution you are using.

Next time you need to order contacts online, book an eye exam before you click! Changes in your eye health and vision can occur before you notice any symptoms, and without the proper fit, prescription or hygiene, contact lenses can cause damage. Professional eye exams are the best way to preserve your lasting, healthy vision!