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* ** * * on 3/29/14

“I am very particular about the care of my eyes and will only trust their care to an optometrist who more than exceeds my expectation. As far as I am concerned, Dr. Steve Bussa is the #1 Optometrist in South Florida and I would not trust my eyes to anyone else. “
~-Kim C Patient

* ** * * on 3/18/14

“They are great, especially accommodating someone with a busy schedule. They are flexible and make sure I can get in quickly. “
~-Vicki L Patient

* * * * * on 5/19/14

“Very friendly and caring. I have very bad eyes, and when they couldn’t determine the prescription needed, they took tests to confirm the health of the eyes. Luckily they were healthy, but all in all I was very pleased with the facility and staff. ”
~-Karla O Patient

* * * * on 2/19/14

“I’ve been coming to premier eye center of plantation for over 3 years and my experience has always been rewarding! Dr. Bussa and his staff are amazing, everyone always makes me feel so welcome when I come into the office! I always love that Dr. Bussa has all the latest and most updated equipment for all his patients to have the best possible eye exams! The front staff are always so friendly and answer any and all questions i may have, the assistant is always so cheerful and and seems to really enjoy her job and Dr. Bussa is just awesome! He isn’t just one of those Doctors that are after your money, he genuinely cares about his patients and the health of your eyes! All in all I always love coming into the office and I always recommend Premier eye center to all my family and friends! Thank you Dr. Bussa, Julian, Jamie, and Caiti for yet another amazing experience at your practice ”

* * * * * on 02/15/14

“Everyone was very friendly and professional. I really liked having an exam without having my eyes dilated. ”
~-Kathryn C

* * * * * on 7/11/13

“The office is a bit tiny but very home like, the staff was very nice. At fist I was upset about my fees and when I asked for a manger, I was expecting a woman or someone tiny instead I get some office bouncer answering my questions! The front girl was nervous to handle my anger but at the end ended up being amazing and helpful! the tech was fast! and was so excited to see me ! and finally The doctor was amazing very well spoken and had some many fancy gadgets! Really my mind was going in and out of the review star amount but when my fees were explained and the much time the doctor spend on me was well worth it. My contacts issue has always been a problem for other doctors to resolve! i was tired of hearing the my prescription is too high or to that!! But it was corrected today after years!! to the Dr! No more double vision!!! No more blurry vision! Thank you all!! ”
~-Anon Patient

* ** * * on 07/09/13

“My experience at Premier Eye Center is always a pleasurable experience. I like the fact that Dr. Bussa is up-to-date with the various technology to expedite whatever testing is required, and his staff is friendly and gives you the feeling of mingling with family. “
~-John Patient

* ** * * on 4/13/13

“My experience at Plantation Eye Center was great. Dr. Bussa answered all my questions with a smile and he explained everything to me. Staff was very nice as well. I will refer ftiends and family. . “
~-Teonantra Manley

* ** * * on 4/9/13

“I was seen for my annual eye exam yesterday and as usual Dr. Bussa and his staff were awesome! They are always so helpful and accomodating and will go the extra mile for me. In addition, their exams are always so thorough and equipment up to date. I live in a different state and travel down to FL for my exams. I just don’t want to have any other doc taking care of my eyes. Thanks again Plantation Eye Center. I love you guys! Michelle . “
~-Michelle Boucher

* ** * * on 3/24/13

“I would reccomend PEC to anyone who is looking for a quality eye care establishment. Their staff is friendly and helpful and the optometrists are 2nd to none. . “
~-Martin Bursuk

* ** * * on 3/14/13

“Dr. Bussa was the first to offer the punctal plug solution to my dry eye problem. The dry eye was causing burning and blurry visoin, but since Dr. Bussa implemented the punctal plugs, I have been symptom free. It is the best treatment out there for dry eye. Discard those eye drops and get the punctal plugs! . “
~-Jennifer Booher

* ** * * on 4/23/13

“Everyone at the office was extremely friendly and knowledgable. The equipment was super up to date and the doctor was witty and smart. All the staff is great there! Thanks guys! . “
~-Jana Curley

* ** * * on 2/3/13

“The staff and center are amazing! Very knowledgeable and friendly! Will definitely refer friends and family!
. “


* ** * * on 2/24/13

“Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I especially liked Dr. Farag.
. “

~-Jo Bursuk

* ** * * on 2/24/13

“staff extremely knowledgeable, very open, & caring. They have the latest equipment and know how to use it proficiently . They treated our granddaughter’s as their own. We are very very pleased to have found them. We stay with something we like.

. ”
~-David Bunsey

* ** * * on 2/13/13

“I love this office. Everyone is super friendly, polite, and professional. The doctor uses the latest technology. Overall a great expirence.

. ”